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about us


Marlax Technologies is a thriving web design, development, Digital Marketing and animation company having a group of committed talents whose focus always stays on growth and success. We work to visualize your message in every pixel while beautifying the face of your brand.

Simply put……We’re HUMANS with acute passion for technology, visualization, and growth

Broadly speaking, we are many things……
We can be your gateway to all web development technologies
We may be your provider of all graphic design services
We can be your video maker or animator for a splash animation piece

We're passionate about...


UI/UX Design

Get the best UI design for our product with great user experience.


Web Development

Our website development services deliver results and convert visitors into customers.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all of your online marketing efforts.


Apps Development

We create a mobile app experience that  grows your business.


Complete E-commerce Solution

Build E-Commerce Sites of Any Size. Consult Our Experts, Get Customized Solutions top develop your business.


Wordpress Development

Our WordPress development services come with 100% satisfaction guarantee or money back option.


Custom Web Applications

The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works.


Corporate Identity & Branding

We provide the complete package that sets high standards in your company that includes all you need.

How we communicate with our clients

  • Part One: Maintaining a consistent communication

    We provide the proper customer support  at the right time implementing a co-operative tone .

  • Part Two: Using modern communication system.

    We are available in the most top rated communication applications like Skype, Email, Slack, Github, Trello etc

  • Part Three: Delighting the customers with satisfactory services

    Little extras that go the extra mile and we make our customers happy.


We discuss our plan with our clients through skype, we arrange short video conference.


We connect our clients to our slack and maintain a real time update.


We are also available in Github, We share and contribute here.


Our clients can reach us through email as well. They can share their files and delegate accesses.


We put our working progresses on trello board so that our client can check the status.


We use version control system so that  we can restore our project anytime to our previous version.

Our Industries

Three careful steps does it all...

  • Analysis

    Research & Analysis is the first step to perfection. We know how important your idea is. We firmly believe an idea is worth a lot until proven otherwise. That’s why we don’t take any chances with your idea. We analyze your ideas, your plan. We try to go deeper; see beyond the limitations. Our experts will be with you from conception to implementation of your ideas!

  • Design

    Let’s face the harsh truth. Even a great idea can fail if not properly visualized. The end users will always care for how your products look like. A crappy old design can plummet your idea overnight. The right eye and the right mind can make a huge difference. We take the output data of our ‘Analysis’ and then we visually design and revise them until they’re perfect.

  • Development

    Development is the easiest part. If you have properly analyzed your idea, and have perfect design with perfectly laid out plan then development becomes a cinch. That’s why development comes last in the steps. Don’t be fooled though. Your project should be handled by experts. An amateur team can ruin everything you’ve worked for. Here at Marlax, we ensure we have the perfect developers to take care of your project.

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