Target the Advantages of Augmented Reality Marketing

Target the Advantages of Augmented Reality Marketing

If you look around online, you can find plenty of resources telling you how AR can improve your advertising and marketing results, but few of them mention an important prerequisite—to know what objectives matter most to your business.

That’s why your chances of succeeding with AR marketing will be highest if you don’t let your business fall into the no-overarching-objective category shown above. If you will be seeking advice from marketing agencies, beware of the 10% that recommend augmented reality without specifying precisely why.

However, there is a difference between grasping at technology just because it’s there and aligning objectives with the known advantages of that technology. In the case of augmented reality, that makes any of the following goals reasonable to reach for.

Local and In-store Marketing with AR

Perhaps your objectives are more focused on local advertising and increasing footfall in traditional offline sales outlets. In that case, you may want to develop a strategy combining location-based AR to help people find your stores with marker-based solutions to enliven the experience for shoppers once they come through the doors.

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