Web Development at Marlax

Marlax is full cycle software product development (SPD) service provider. We don’t just create custom software; we build solution to your business. Whether you are a beginner or an established business, we will be very happy to assist you in your business development. Our experts know the game of business and give the productive solution that accord with all the requirements. We honor our clients’ valuable time and budget limits.

Marlax has experience of large software development for different types of customers worldwide, capable in supporting them to achieve compatibility for the competition. We have expert knowledge about developing software and reaching expected milestones by providing total solution that are specially tailored for individual customer’s demands. We provide our diversified service not only to enterprises but also to individual clients. Marlax offers the procedure of converting any enterprise operation with more ease, with more effectiveness and maximum reliability.

Marlax Technology aims to provide professional software development services at affordable price.

Custom & Dynamic Website Development

Cms Custom Development

We offer readymade Mobile Ready Responsive UI / UX Fast, Responsive & Customizable Web based Software

SSL Certificates

We are the largest SSL Certificates providers now offer the SSL Certificates offering identity verification & trust services.

PHP and JS Development

100% crafted web development practices of HTML5 with Js / CSS3, page optimization, script minimizing and robust frameworks.

CMS Driven & Real-Time solution.

Programmers and make-it-happeners solving your challenges from first-rate ideas to refined outcomes with tomorrows technology.

24/7 Supports

Our company has successful solutions to provide 24/7 support software for online businesses.Our experts are providing IT professional training and guideline with proper care.

Live Support

We are working in local and international marketplace and have been able to achieve satisfaction of hundred clients & Support Live anytime.

Development Environment:

Technobd’s solutions are built on the LAMP architecture with following robust, industry-standard technologies:

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL database
  • PHP, Pearl, Python

How we work?

  • Discovery Phase

    The phase emphasizes on understanding the needs of your website and, importantly, your website visitors. We discover the possibilities and scopes of your application and inform you about the estimated time and budget.

  • Content

    Here, we establish the content and features your site will carry. We understand the importance of timely content development. A great web project cannot have content dropped in at the last minute.

  • Development

    The development phase focuses on integrating the external systems and building all the functional items identified in the discovery phase.

  • Design

    Design focuses on how the site looks and feels. Design tends to be subjective, so it is crucial we establish a clear vision as early as possible.

  • Front End Build

    After finalizing the design, there are many templates to implement as well as error messages, modules and much more. In this section, we get down to the nitty-gritty of your web project.

  • Deployment

    Once all the pieces of the puzzle placed together, we deploy the final product to an environment that will host it. Upon approval of this deployment, we flick the go live switch!


    Once the website is live to the public, it’s vital to review the performance of the site, just to identify the scope of any changes.

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